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Jacqueline Gabay, M.D.

Specializing in:

Board Certified:




Hospital Fellowship:



Glaucoma and Glaucoma Surgery


Wesleyan University Medical

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Bronx Lebanon

Glaucoma at Mt. Sinai Medical Center

American Academy of Ophthalmology, New York Glaucoma Society, The New Jersey Academy of Ophthalmology

Dr. Jacqueline Gabay is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist specializing in medical, surgical, and laser treatment of glaucoma. She is a graduate of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, and completed her residency at the Bronx Lebanon Hospital, where her dedication and excellence earned her the designation of Chief Resident of the department of Ophthalmology. After completing her residency in glaucoma, Dr. Gabay joined the Phillips Eye Center in 2000 as the glaucoma specialist.

In her efforts to conserve eyes and vision, Dr. Gabay is an investigator in ongoing research for the development of new glaucoma medications. Dr. Gabay is a leading expert in the advancement of selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) for laser treatment of glaucoma. An ophthalmologist dedicated to discovering the best treatments of her patients, Dr. Gabay has done extensive research and she often lectures in her specialty. In addition to offering patients the latest diagnostic testing for glaucoma, such as digitized, stereoscopic, computerized photographs of the optic nerve head and scanning laser polarimetry analysis of the retinal nerve fiber layer, Dr. Gabay also performs complex cataract surgeries.

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