Welcome to the Retina Center at Phillips Eye Specialists. All of our retinal specialists are board certified and have had years of remarkable experience in their field.

The retina is a very important part of the eye that connects the images the eye receives to the brain itself; basically this is how we see! The retina is subject to a wide range of diseases, some of which can severely threaten your vision. If you are suffering from retinal issues such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachments or flashes and floaters, we are happy to diagnose and treat your condition or provide a second opinion.

Our New Jersey retinal specialists are eager to arrange a consultation and comprehensive eye exam for diagnosing any retina related issues. We make it our utmost priority to preserve vision by slowing down, or even ending, the progression of retinal disease.

Meet Our Retina Specialists:

Dr. Joel Eichler Dr. Lee M. Angioletti
Dr. Francis Cangemi Dr. Minee Cho

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